doing it all

{doing it all} via chevrons & éclairs

what I wore

blouse c/o BODEN trousers ASOS shoes c/o BODEN denim jacket c/o ANTHROPOLOGIE sunnies c/o BODEN
purse c/o COACH jewelry c/o J.LAUREN

* * *

Since my trip to Paris and my mum’s last few days in London, things have been moving at warp speed ahead. With deadlines coming ever so closer, and admin building up, blog work being neglected, it seemed I was finding very little time to do what I was supposed to be working on-that is my client work. My mistake was simple and that was I was trying to do it all. All with the help of some people.

One thing I noticed about our entitled millennial world is that we’re very careless with our time. To contextualize sort of the idea I’m talking about-after having a long rant session with Sade one Saturday evening, it was apparent to us that so many of the people we deem as ‘successful’ were actually in this trap of emotional instability. To be a blogger, you have to be quite resilient since much of your life is available for the world to see. We are open to criticism and at times, it may not be the most constructive. With this in mind, Sade and I spoke about the nature of how many bloggers that we know of spend endless hours comparing themselves to others, taking comments to heart and lamenting over the opportunities they may not receive even though they are fully aware that not all collaborations are made the same. That nature tends to suppress productivity and in turn bring the industry down, and worse, bring your peers down. This is just a single example of a greater picture.

{doing it all} via chevrons & éclairs
{doing it all} via chevrons & éclairs

just a disclaimer

In my opinion, I think being a millennial is someone who can ‘do it all’. I have friends who are mothers that can run a household, hold up a beautiful marriage and grow a business. I have a brother who has had a corporate job whilst being at university full time and paving the way for his very own business. We are expected to wear many hats, work hard and compartmentalize-we work for ourselves, our well-being and to build our integrity because this globalized world has a lot of expectations from us. The simplest of jobs won’t get you to the places you want to be, but you will have to build the path for it.

I understand that not everyone is the same. My response to that is that the single world has a lot of expectations from its inhabitants. People have different priorities and efficiencies, so it’s best to communicate regularly and associate with people with similar ethics. And just a disclaimer, this is what I’ve gained from my experiences as a daughter, sister, blogger, business owner and a working human (note: did not say ‘woman’) of the 21st century.

{doing it all} via chevrons & éclairs

to top it off

As you may have gathered from my passive aggressive comments over the last few weeks over on social media and now this blog, I’ve been quite unimpressed with many people I’ve deemed as strong and forerunners. The lack of responsibility and pure laziness I’ve noted in my peers’ work ethic has been embarrassing and in turn builds a weak generation. No matter the age, we represent a community of people that are multidimensional and irrepressible. It’s important to realize the you’re not alone, every person around you is also ‘doing it all’. So, don’t let them down.

  • Natali

    Fantastic shoes and pants! You’re looking gorgeous in this unique outfit!

  • Piia

    Hear-hear! Having my fingers in all the pies currently and honestly, couldn’t imagine just going to work and back every day, with nothing in between… But being calm, efficient and manage my time very well – those are the challenges.
    Looking great, but the way! Love the casual denim jacket with these chic trousers 🙂


    • So happy to see you on the blog, Piia!! You hit the nail on the head, it’s a challenge and all of us are dealing with it. Please do share any great motivational tips or tricks you have!! x

  • Lindsay Katherine

    Amen, Supal. I’m sorry for whatever has been getting you so down and defeated, and am still here for that email or FaceTime. There are many socially, emotionally, and work-ethic-related irresponsible millennials – well, actually, just people – out there. I love your overall message not to let them get you down. It can be easier said than done, but you have to lean on true friends and role models in those times. Love ya, friend.

    • So true. I think it’s just that sometimes I consider these people are role models and then I’m just overwhelmed by how I am more put together than they are haha. It’s such a hard balance. OMG I want to FaceTime you. Will send a message on FB. Will be good to chat once I’m home 🙂

  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    You know I know. We’ve had this conversation, and will probably have more in a few weeks. Not letting them get you down can be hard at times, but we are made stronger by doing so. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. xx

  • The Coastal Confidence

    Love those shoes. So cute.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence – Aubrey

  • You really hit the nail on the head with this post. Juggling work and blogging and making time for friends and family while also maintaining a healthy diet and exercise has been exhausting. It’s always great to take a step back or press pause. My “pause” time is sunday evenings when I take a few moments to sit back with my face mask on and just breath. =o)

    • It’s so stressful and I feel as if everyone is running on this hamsterwheel-so we should just be supporting one another! I need to include some pause time again into my life!

  • It’s super important to just be present, too. There are so many things happening every day – it can be overwhelming!

  • Paige Allison

    Millennials (and I can say this because I was born in 1984 and technically qualify as one myself – barely!) think they can go to college and float by with C’s, graduate (in 5 or 6 years) and get a job that pays $80-100k a year and just coast through life. I don’t know what world they’re in, but it’s not this one! And when they attempt to do everything, they do none of it well.