the last of summer

{the last of summer} via chevrons & éclairs
{the last of summer} via chevrons & éclairs
{the last of summer} via chevrons & éclairs
{the last of summer} via chevrons & éclairs

{dress} joe fresh |
{wedges} LK bennett | similar
{purse} Kate Spade New York | similar
{sunnies} c/o elie tahari | similar
{earrings} Kate Spade New York
{polish} c/o caliegh by scotch naturals

It seems like time is never on my side, though I always seem to live outside of the present. Summer is about to end and here in London days are just slightly shorter second-by-second, the air is brisk in the morning, and I’m now choosing simple knits over summer blouses. So I guess that transition into autumn is upon us. Thus, a dress that is a simple ode to summer is probably a good idea. Perfecting the blends of the ocean, sea and skies of summer, which are conveniently the things I will miss about the summer.

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29 august 2014

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dream big, work hard, stay focused
& surround yourself with good people.

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♫♪ Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up

It’s finally feeling as if things are in order. I’ve developed a routine that I’ve gone through twice now and I’m a bit more comfortable with my day-to-day activities and commutes. When you’re in a new place it’s easy to see your goals, the end results you’re hoping to achieve because quite honestly you’re in that place to do just those things. To achieve. To grow.

But with dreaming, working and focusing, comes your personal life. Time for yourself and for others. I’ve been lucky to have some incredible friends and blog readers who have come out from great distances to see me. We’ve perused Notting Hill, chatted over pancakes, enjoyed cocktails under the sun

But in the midst of it all, I do sometimes feel a bit alone. I guess that comes with the territory of moving to a new city, a big city really. And so when someone lets you down, you feel as if your entire world is crumbling. I will admit that I’ve been just keeping myself so busy to pretend as if I’m not alone in this game and the fatigue is catching up to me.

And so this weekend, I’m exchanging work for play and having a friend in town. We will lunch and brunch, we will drink and shop, it will be a purely girls weekend. Hope this weekend, wherever you are, is as beautiful as you… xo, -S.

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perusing notting hill

{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs {perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs
{perusing notting hill} via chevrons & éclairs

{dress} talbots
{flats} banana republic | similar
{purse} coach
{ring} tiffany & co.
{earrings} kate spade new york
{nails} tra-la-la by dior
{perfume} modern muse by estée lauder

What I absolutely love about London are the abundance of nooks and corners that are laced with personality. One quite distinct from another. But what makes Notting Hill so special, particularly the tributaries branching from Portobello Road, is the seclusion from the rest of the city. Though still swarmed with tourists and visitors from every corner of the world, it has that homey feeling. The feeling or suburbia.

Last week, to this day, I was reunited with my closest friend from St. Andrews, Lizzie. You may remember her from those Scottish summer days. The girl behind the camera of all of c&é’s outfit posts. After walking from St. James Park to Covent Garden for lunch we decided to head out to Notting Hill for a bit of antiquing, afternoon cake and tea, and for old time sake a little outfit shoot. It was as if we were back in St. Andrews.

melon with almond lebneh

{cantaloupe with almond lebneh and cinnamon} via chevrons & éclairs{cantaloupe with almond lebneh and cinnamon} via chevrons & éclairs{cantaloupe with almond lebneh and cinnamon} via chevrons & éclairs

Usually after my workout I like to snack on fruits. For some reason I’m usually craving something sweet, and since the coffee seems like it has worn off from that morning, it’s a nice source of natural sugar to uplift me. Melons have high water content, which is great for someone like me who usually read for lunch at 10:30am after a morning work out session. I try to incorporate protein as much as possible into my meals and nuts are the easiest way. Almond, in particular, is incredible for your hair as it houses some natural oils. So a combination of both does the trick after the gym.

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melon with almond lebneh

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the perfect black heels

I thought it was appropriate to have a sub-series within the {in the office} section on the blog. One that covers office appropriate fashion and styles. As I transition my closet to graduate school smart casual and basic wear to one that is more refined, I’m starting to understand the importance of investing in classic pieces that are versatile. Whilst perusing the inter-webs for some work closet inspiration, I came across mostly outfits that were either too trendy for my field or too boring for my taste. So I’m hoping that I can share my wisdom that I’ve gained from trial-and-error on how to incorporate and build your classic piece collection into your work wear wardrobe.

{in the office : perfect black heels} via chevrons & éclairs


I’ve seen heels, that I deem as office appropriate, come in three types of material: suede, leather and patent leather. For a setting that is more conservative and looking for refined and bold looks, suede and leather are the best options to go with. Patent leather is a shiny material that can be either too distracting and sometimes if the fitting isn’t right, it tends to rub against your skin and make sounds. Leather and suede also has a longer lifespan as they tend to not get scuffed up as easily and can be cleaned or polished.

{heel height & shape}

This is the most important aspect of a shoe. Heels in an office setting should be no higher than two and three-quarters of an inch. Most of my heels are at that height and it is easy to move and provides stability. You can also tell if the quality of a heel is good when your ankles are stable whilst walking and standing and doesn’t strain the back of your legs or your knees. My personal rule for work heels is that I go half an inch lower than what I can actually walk in.


One thing I look for in a heel is the inside. Is it soft leather? Is the back soft enough for my heels? Does the sole provide comfort? One thing I love about Ann Taylor heels is it’s genuine comfort. It almost feels like you’re walking on clouds. This reassures that you will not find it too straining to walk in heels.

{pointed versus rounded toe}

This is where the trend gets confusing. As much as I love a proper stiletto heel, I find them a bit discomforting as the pointed toe seems to cut off my circulation. If you are keen to find a pair that is pointed, find one that is slightly rounded like photographed in this post. If you want to go for something in patent leather, try to avoid the point as it is a much stiffer and tougher material.

{in the office : perfect black heels} via chevrons & éclairs

{a few of my favorite black heels}

And of course if you are looking for more outfit inspiration for your day at the office, be sure to visit my collection of inspiration on pinterest

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