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embedded within an oasis

On my tour of Andalusia in the South of Spain, I came to fall in love with Granada. Fall in love hard. Seville had the romance, Cordoba had the charm and Granada had the spunk. An intermingling of all three really. The romance of the gardens, the medieval charm and the excitement that any young town brings you. From incredible tapas to unique pubs and lots of underground flamenco enriched dance floors. Granada is the vortex in which the Islamic past has laid its love with the Moorish Dynasty. North Africans make up some of the population sourcing some of their cultures delicacies, yet with Spanish nuances. So come take a tour with me…

Among the typical gothic-esque architecture, the 18th and 19th century churches, there lies a true gem in Moorish Spain. It’s a must to visit the Alhambra. A red fortress embedded within an oasis of vines, exotic flowers and pools of goldfish. With a series of palaces blueprinted and erected between the 13th and 16th centuries, it woos its guests with the intricate Islamic scriptures carved among stone within its walls. And once you’ve toured the majestic fortress, a visit to Albayzín, the Muslim quarter is necessary to take in how the Arab culture has evolved through the centuries in Spain…


skin clearing tips

{5 skin clearing tips} via chevrons & éclairs

the most beautiful cosmetic you can have is passion.
–Yves Saint Laurent

As many of you know, not too long ago I underwent some major skin trauma. Hormonal breakout
mixed with sensitivity, it was quite difficult. At the time I was undergoing some skin
treatments trying to find a diagnosis, I shared this beauty juice recipe with you. Since
then my skin has gotten significantly better, and many of you including close friends and
family asked me about skin regimen and diet. Though I’m not a dermatologist or dietician,
I will share what I do to keep a healthy glow and keep blemishes away… even when it’s about
to be that time of the month.
{5 skin clearing tips} via chevrons & éclairs

you are what you eat

I think this is a very obvious one: what you consume has a drastic impact on your skin.
First, I make a point to eat something green + any other vegetables for two meals. Second,
I have my beauty juice 3 times a week. Third, I limit fried foods to only twice a week.
Fourth, make a point to include protein and nuts into your meals and snacks once a day.
Fifth, make a fatty protein (ie. eggs, salmon, avocado) the center of attention for
at least one of your meals. Finally, practice the 80-20 rule with your healthy-indulgent
meals. Oh and one last thing, limit your caffeine intake to just 8-ounces a day!


I swear by rosewater. It’s a antibacterial and toner that visibly brightens your skin and
evens the tone. I prefer to go to a local Indian or Mediterranean market and pick-up a
bottle of Cortas. In the ingredients, be sure it says “pure rosewater” and it’s not “rosewater
essence”. The essence has sugar in it that is widely used for desserts, not too good for your skin.
Rosewater in cosmetics can have other chemical elements in it and can really break the bank.

sweat it out

You wouldn’t think that sweat and perspiration would be so good for your skin, but
exuding toxins from your pores cannot be anymore therapeutic for your skin. I make a point
to be active at least 4 times a week. The gym can get boring, so spice things up by going on
a run with a friend, or rowing on the River Thames if you live in London!
{5 skin clearing tips} via chevrons & éclairs


Despite coming off as a bit high maintenance (I don’t necessarily enjoy camping), I
have the simplest daily make-up regimen. Since my schedule is always sprinkled with
meetings and weekends with dinner and drinks with friends, I try to keep make-up during
the week to a minimum unless I have a major event. For the office and daytime meetings, I
skip the foundation and use BB Cream with SPF my favorite being Dior. It’s a bit pricey,
but a little goes a very long way. Try to use mineral make-up and limit the eyes with
just a swipe of mascara.

meditation & self-care

You don’t know an overly concerned and stressed out person until you’ve met me. I’ve had
a friend a few months back tell me how he was impressed by how put-together I am despite all
that I have going on at all times. Though I’m not one who wears my heart on my shoulder, I
do try to limit how stress affects me. I always wake up a little earlier than I’m supposed to
and spend that time doing what I want to do. In the evenings, I go to be after speaking
to either my parents of my best friend. It sets me in a good mood and impacts the rest of my day.

* * *
{captured by Sara Lejon Photography, originally shared on In the Flare}

floral princess

{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs

complete enchantment

in collaboration with CRABTREE & EVELYN location KENSINGTON PALACE GARDENS

Spring has come and gone and I find it difficult to understand why time lapses so easily.
This day, one of the most beautiful of London’s spring days, offered sunlight and warmth.
Though a chilly breeze did greet us, but it was just perfect as it was accompanied by
the downpour of a golden sunset. Trickling bit by bit over the cloudless, blue skies.
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs

encapsulating floral moments

I met with Sara to capture the true essence of Spring among the cherry blossoms, one of
my first experiences with cherry blossoms actually. I always loved flowers as I grew up with
many vases and trinkets adorning fresh roses from my mother’s garden. I didn’t, however,
realize how much I missed a proper springtime landscape until this very moment. When
you live in London, you seem to get so busy with the next appointment or meeting and
forget that the surrounding green spaces exist for you to release from the everyday life.
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs

floral princess

And so as Sara and I meandered through the various paths of Kensington Palace Gardens, we
were purely enthralled by the floral essence of the garden’s passageways and floral variety
and their aromas. For a moment, I had escaped reality (and trust me, reality that week was
too difficult for me to handle) and at this one moment it was just what I needed. The
daytime sun was replaced by the sunsets glow, the breeze came through and it started to
shower flower petals. A truly enchanting moment and one that caught the eye of a sweet,
little stranger who asked her mother gaze straight on me, “mommy, is she a princess?”

{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs
{floral princess} via chevrons & éclairs

buying a ready-to-wear suit

{tips on buying a suit off-the-rack} via chevrons & éclairs

straight off-the-rack

photographer LeCHON KIRB styling & model SHYAM DESAI
creative director SUPAL DESAI location DIGITAL TIGER STUDIO

* * *

It could be a bit complicated to a well tailored ready-to-wear suit. And since wedding season is upon us,
I thought it was only appropriate to go over some tips and tricks on purchasing a suit right off-the-racks.

{tips on buying a suit off-the-rack} via chevrons & éclairs


A wool suit is the best option to go for as it is a natural fiber, breathes well, and the cuts are stylish.
Though if you’re going somewhere tropical or even warmer for a wedding, here are a few other choices.
Linen is the perfect summer suit as it is lightweight, but the maintenance is difficult. Polyester is
a good option if you’re hoping to cut costs, but a polyester and wool blend is a more acceptable
alternative to a an economical, high quality suit. Do keep in mind that many summer suits are made of
tropical wool making it not too warm and can be worn all year round.

double vs single-breasted jacket

A double-breased jacket generally folds over itself in the front, whereas a single-breased jacket doesn’t.
Double-breasted jackets are generally more formal, perfect for larger weddings and more elegant receptions.
Though a double-breasted jacket can be paired with a pair of jeans to dress it down for a more casual affair.


Your jacket’s collar should hug the back of your back without buckling or pulling on your shirt.
Your shirt should stick out an inch from the back of your collar.
{tips on buying a suit off-the-rack} via chevrons & éclairs

suit lapels

Lapels is the extension immediately below the collar of the jacket and folds against the chest.
A thinner lapel is more fashion forward, whereas a thicker lapel is more traditional. Though it’s
important to note that the stitching on the lapel is as invisible as possible.

arms & sleeves

When trying on suits, let your arms hang on your sides, your sleeves should end where you hand meets
your wrist. Your shirt sleeves should be a quarter-inch longer than your suit jacket. When out shopping,
put on your jacket and stretch your arms in front of you. Make sure you’re able to move comfortably.
{tips on buying a suit off-the-rack} via chevrons & éclairs


A 1-button jacket is suited best for slimmer men whilst a 2-button jacket will be sufficient
for more men and situations. 3-button jackets are considered dated.

vents & slits

vents are the flaps of cloth below the waist at the back of the jacket. They should cover your entire
rear end and should never seem to look separated unless you’re bending or sitting down. Make sure
they lay flat against your backside when you’re standing straight. A larger individual should choose
a jacket with two slits, while a thinner man should opt for a jacket with no slits.
{tips on buying a suit off-the-rack} via chevrons & éclairs


In the waist, you should be able to stick one finger at the seam of your trousers and still be comfortable.
Pleats should be avoided and flat front trousers should be what you go for. Cuffed trousers look better
on taller men, where shorter men should avoid cuffed bottoms. For the rise, the length from the crotch
to the waistband, try to stick with a rise that’s right in the middle and not too high or low.

making a statement

{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs

absolutely positively pink


It seems that when every year goes by I try to break a personal sartorial rule of mine.
I’m more daring, more confident, more ready to try something that is so out of my element.
A year older getting to know myself and it excites me as I take on another year of my 20s.
For the first time in my whole life I feel confident in my own skin and I feel as if I’ve
finally refined my taste and understanding of what I enjoy.

{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs
{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs

another year behind, another ahead

Now that I’m a year older, I’m hoping that instead of searching for my calling, I
want to be able to make this year and years ahead about the “execution plan”. I don’t know
why, but it just seems that a year older means I have a little more control over my life.
I’m not thinking pre-maturely as I fully understand that life is yet to take off and things
will continue to be complicated sometimes, easy sometimes, confusing sometimes.

{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs
{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs
{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs

blowing out the candles

And so here we are, at the end of the birthday countdown series again. If there is one
thing I will wish for, it’s that I wish chevrons & éclairs will continue to be a space
that inspires you. Inspires you to take risks, to travel, to live every moment to the
absolute fullest. This year has brought on new challenges and experiences that I’ve tried
to translate here through my visual and verbal inspiration.
{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs
{making a statement} via chevrons & éclairs


* * *