If you are one who follows me on Instagram, you will find that my weekday meals are usually fast and nutritious though never make it onto the blog. They are usually something not too fussy, yet can get the job done. I juggle a lot during the 24 hour week day so I like something that can hold me out for several hours without mitigating flavor and sacrificing nutrition. And since I received a few emails lately about work week lunches, I thought I would share a few I resort to…



{1-2-3 protein plate}

Choose one carbohydrate like the rye biscuit, two veggies like the green beans and cherry tomatoes, and three proteins like smoked salmon, prosciutto and soft-boiled egg.



{smoked salmon bruschetta}

On two slices of wheat baguette, spread a little margarine and toast. Add arugula/wild rockets, smoked salmon and a thick slice of parmesan-reggiano.



{the fig caprese}

Quarter a few figs, add a tablespoon of softened goat cheese, walnuts and top with balsamic vinaigrette.



{the rainbow}

A personal favorite. Thickly slice a bunch of seasonal vegetables, top with a protein of choice and some walnuts. Use fresh herbs for greens and dress with fresh lemon juice and zest.



{sweet & tart parfait}

Add a tablespoon of rose water to greek yoghurt and top off with berries and currants. 



{enriched ramen}

I’m not a fan of real ramen as it holds so many preservatives, but this one is a nice rendition. Boil a cup of vegetable stock with a teaspoon of soy sauce, sesame oil and chili oil. Add the noodles. Top off with an assortment of raw vegetables and fresh coriander and lime juice. 



{afternoon green juice}

Perfect if you’re trying to decrease caffeine intake. A mix of kale, spinach, parsley, wheatgrass and fresh mint. Plus an addition of an apple and a bit of ginger.


* * *
Would love to hear about your easy insta-meals!

scented oil diffuser


Around this time of year, right before the summer holiday ends and school will consume most of my days {yet, not the case anymore}, I tend to get myself ready for the new year. Since autumn is often associated with the first day of classes, my clock naturally converts the peak days of summers in days of cleansing. I usually get my supplies ready and make my room orderly along with my closet to make sure I am ready for the storm. And sometimes that may include adding a little tidbit to the cleanse, open and rejuvenate my space, which is where a scented oil diffuser is perfect. My mother always would make her own mix as she was often skeptical of chemical formulas in pre-packaged diffusers. So today, I thought I would share my mother’s recipe for the scented oil diffuser.

{you will need}

a small tumbler or vase
baby oil
essential oil : we use lavender & vanilla
tablespoon of fresh sandalwood paste : optional
bamboo skewers


Add the sandalwood paste – this is where you get the color.
Fill half of the bottle with essential oils.
Remainder of the tumbler should be filled with baby oil.
Arrange the skewers in the tumbler, but stir the oils gently first.

{do-it-yourself scented oil diffuser}
{do-it-yourself scented oil diffuser}

Now, you don’t have to use sandalwood paste and can just use a single essential oil or a combination.
Happy aromatic cleansing!
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{all images by chevrons & éclairs}

mixed metals


I’ve always been vehement about matching everything from clothes to interiors even office folders and school supplies. Like most people, I hold onto outdated rules of matching all your metals, but as finishings like brass and light rings in rose gold come into play it’s about making sure things compliment each other like your jewels and your furniture, it shouldn’t match. So just a couple of tips to mixing metals for your wardrobe and at home…

{tip one}

pick a dominant metal and offset it, or make it stand out, by contrasting it with accent pieces in other metals. If your nightstand has brass handles, compliment it with bronze accessories.

{tip two}

add a touch of texture like matte, brushed, polished or hammered. This will add depth to your designs and make each element pop. You want everything to stand out not just a single thing.
And so below, some inspiration for mixing metals…


* * *
{images via The Coveteur, Dallas ShawWendy’s Lookbook, Traditional Home, Boxwood Lane

25 July 2014

{scenes from central park, 1} via chevrons & éclairs
{scenes from central park, 1} via chevrons & éclairs
{scenes from central park, 1} via chevrons & éclairs
{scenes from central park, 1} via chevrons & éclairs

“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud”

* * *

♫♪ Laura Mvula – Little Girl Blue

Last week I talked about big changes and moves coming my way. Since then many have reached out to wish me luck on the move and of course the next step. Though I, of course, couldn’t help but start to get a bit nervous and scared. I’ve done a similar move in the past, but the circumstances were a bit different. I’m now heading to a bigger city where I’m just one rather than among a group of people who are merely strangers to each other forced to become friends as that’s what you do when you enter a new environment with others experiencing the same thing.

I guess things just get a little scary thinking about responsibilities and being so far in proximity to people you love, care about, and are there for you. I will admit that last night, I tried writing the note section of this post and was paralyzed with overwhelming emotions. Being so nervous and scared about fitting in. The past hasn’t been the kindest to me when it comes to change though I’ve embraced the difficulties as challenges to overcome and to fortify my character.

I guess I’m just trying to say is that I really, really, really hope this change and move is seamless and everything I hope so. Something that I don’t necessarily need to regret and something that feels gratifying each step of the way. It’s a bit blatant that I’m insecure about the whole situation… isn’t it?

This weekend I need to finish packing as most of next week will be consumed with a close family friend’s wedding. Then comes my move just a few days after the wedding in which I will give you a lot more details. Hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are…

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on giving art


A friend, a son of an art enthusiast, gifted me a beautiful painting recently to lay against my mantle. It has near perfect strokes of blush and pinks that reflects my personality and according to him “my smile”. Obviously, with him being a male, I was amazed as to how he was able to choose such a beautiful piece. And so I sat with him and his parents one evening for dinner and we talked about gifting art, it’s quite a unique process, you know?


{process of elimination}

Visit galleries and shops that curates a selection based on your recipient’s style or interest. This will make your search a bit easier as you don’t have to search for a modern painting in a collection of mid-century ones. Sometimes calling around before hand helps. Galleries also tend to have the better selection and representation of artists.

{know the recipient}

Obviously, my friend knows me well and he was able to use my blog as a guide as to what I love and enjoyed. You should look for color scheme, texture (harsh versus soft) and stroke (lines versus circles, thick vs thin).

{setting and interiors}

It helped that my friend came over one day for lunch and he was able to scope out a few places as to where I could place a painting. He took a few pictures on his phone and saw that my main theme was whites, creams, greys and of course gilded touches. Blush goes with all those and ensures the perfect pop.


As much as I loved the painting, I loved that he visited with the gift and after I unwrapped it and admired it for much too long he had the painting ready to hang and during the process he told me what the painting represented and also informed me of my framing options.


* * *

{images via Design Scene and LonnyMag}