30 january 2015

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on visiting home and unconditional love

Last week I visited home for just about a week. It was something that was absolutely necessary, I was almost blaming heartache to the gloomier weather. In reality, it was the very fact that I was missing the visibility of unconditional love. I’m going to boast a little, but I have the best family in the world. Parents who tell people I’m a blogger and involved in international affairs. A brother that brings up in conversation-after-conversation to his friends and networks because he’s proud. They continue to push me in directions that I never even fathomed would be possible, both mentally and emotionally, only making it possible for me with their financial capacity. The same finances that they could be using to travel the world like all their friends. But there is something so genuine and simple in their hearts that boundless. It’s remarkable.

That feeling of having someone there is so important. I never realized until I was sitting in the family room with my mom on the right sharing the love seat with me and my father sitting on the left in his standard reclined position. Then my brother walking in and his voice echoes through the house with “didi” – sister in Hindi. And so when I boarded the flight back to London the very first thought and question that filled my thoughts was “what is it that I’m going back to London for? I’m not looking forward to anything.” And that was precisely the moment tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. Much like right now as I write this note.

Though it’s difficult, I realized I’m not alone. Much less I have found comfort in close friends with similar situations like Alina, the incredible opportunities that have come across my desk unique to this city only, the prospect to grow personally and professionally, and of course my fan club that reside in a place called home.

This weekend, since I missed the last, will be filled with lots of catching-up with friends and correspondences with networks.
Hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend ahead!
xo. -S

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some inspiration through the weekend

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Photos by Lizzie Mann in Hyde Park

persian apricot-chicken rice with cucumber-mint yoghurt

{persian apricot-chicken rice with cucumber-mint yoghurt} via chevrons & éclairs
{persian apricot-chicken rice with cucumber-mint yoghurt} via chevrons & éclairs {persian apricot-chicken rice with cucumber-mint yoghurt} via chevrons & éclairs

sweet, savory & everything in between

One of the things I’ve realized since moving into my new flat is the change in my cooking patterns. Like a drastic change. I’ve been creating dishes that are multidimensional, working with unique ingredients, and implementing dynamic flavor palettes. It’s a culinary surprise to see such distinct ingredients working together and creating aromas and flavors. What I love about the UK is that only seasonal fruits and vegetables are available and thus you are pushed to try new things. These gastronomic rendezvous started when I visited my local super market with a big appetite sans shopping list. I started picking up a fruit here, vegetable there, some creme fraiche, then fresh horseradish. A puzzle of a basket that birthed a new dish…

One of my many experiments, though I promise not all turned out similarly, came out beautifully. The marriage between the sweetness of dried fruits and the nuttiness from cashews and the texture juxtaposition with rice and crispy caramelized shallots-it was a marriage of all things beautiful in one dish.


{persian apricot-chicken rice with cucumber-mint yoghurt} via chevrons & éclairs

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winter floral layers


it’s the start of the week

It takes a lot out of me to fully understand the concept of layering during winter.
Especially this time of the year when it is crucial. I will freeze myself for the
purpose of wearing something that is more appealing. Looks over functionality doesn’t
help in this weather. And so to carry on my sheath dresses from the spring and summer seasons,
I decided to be more inventive than a simple cardigan atop a dress or a blouse.

{office resolutions} via chevrons & éclairs {office resolutions} via chevrons & éclairs
{office resolutions} via chevrons & éclairs


a flurry of meetings

It made running around London Bridge from meeting after meeting that much easier
as the brisk wind swept through my hair. London is quite tricky to dress for,
like today was meant to be raining, and in reality you see that the sun was the
most majestic. Truthfully speaking, it doesn’t really matter what I was wearing
or if I was warm or comfortable in it. With a golden hue draping over London, the
view of one of London’s prettiest bridges, people enjoying the day outdoors as
laughter consumed the air. And it is this mood and atmosphere that I was compelled
to layer on brighter hues {with a pinch of floral} against the moodier ones…

{office resolutions} via chevrons & éclairs
{office resolutions} via chevrons & éclairs

dress ann taylor, similar | shirt j. crew | coat mango, similar | heels ann taylor | tights asos | purse ted baker | rings accessorize & tiffany’s | earrings accessorize | nails shock by dior | lips ramblin’ rose by MAC

photographed by Sara Lejon exclusively for chevrons & éclairs

modern black tie

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blending old fashioned elegance with reinvigorating dynamism and style

It’s fascinating to see technology evolve in front of our eyes. Phones are able to function just like our desktops, if not better. There is now medication that eradicates the deadliest of diseases. The sartorial world modernizes its silhouettes by refurbishing past styles.

Hextie, revolutionized the fashion industry by introducing a new concept. Taking a traditional concept and creating something eclectic and daring with a 3D printer. And so a {mr. c&é} fashion editorial that is daring, elegant and outspoken.

{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs
{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs {modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs
{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs
{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs
{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs
{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs {modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs
{modern black tie affair} via chevrons & éclairs

tie hextie | watch bulova marine star 98b127 | shirt express | pants express | blazer h&msimilar | vest h&m, similar | belt guess, similar


channeling europe

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embracing the foreign that I call home now

Since moving to the UK, specifically London, with it’s diverse community primarily
made up of Europeans, I found myself lost in my personal style. Before moving out
here, I purged and donated most of my clothes only having a few basics and many,
many business formal clothes. I needed to start my closet new and I knew I wanted
to invest in pieces and focus on classics. My style was refining, but clearly
stepping foot on the concrete catwalk that is London, I found myself a bit estranged
from the sartorial world.

{channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs
{channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs {channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs

I knew it was time to refine and perfect the closet. Spending a tad more, but
on a bit less. And what I fell in love with was the neutral color palette, the
dainty silhouettes, the quasi careless type look that I saw most of London draped
in. I want pieces that can take me from Sunday brunch to weekend meetings and
evening drinks. And so, the perfect blazer against a blanket silk scarf, is a look
that I have coveted for my first true European look…

{channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs
{channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs
{channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs
{channeling europe} via chevrons & éclairs

top vero moda | skirt acne, similar | scarf c/o craftisan | blazer ted baker, similar | tights asos | flats c/o bagllerina | purse ted baker | rings tiffany’s & topshop | jacket ann taylor, similar | earrings melanie auld | nails shock by dior | lips grenat satisfaction by YSL