halloween wishes to you



It has been one of those autumn week’s where everything around you is just so beautiful, but with a flurry of meetings and deadlines to meet I’ve been a bit absent. But alas, the week has come to an end and there are many, many parties this weekend to attend. Forget the cat costumes and the witches hat because layers upon layers of tulle and black lace.

So hope this weekend, like every other, is a beautiful one. Though this one in particular is full of wonderful memories and halloween soirees. A happy and safe halloween to you!


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{photographs by jonas bresnan for elle germany}

indian spiced corn chowder

{indian spiced corn chowder} via chevrons & éclairs
{indian spiced corn chowder} via chevrons & éclairs
{indian spiced corn chowder} via chevrons & éclairs

I’ve been on an Indian food cooking kick as of recently, making my mom’s lovely north lentil stew last week and now this week my belly is consumed with this chowder. My mom barely made this when I was growing up, which is probably why I deem this recipe so special. My dad was not too fond of this dish {we ate it as a lunch}, and so whenever my dad was out of town for business, it was always a special treat when my mom would make this for my little brother and I.One of my earliest memories, or perhaps I only remember it because my mom retells the story over and over, that when I was younger I would often ask my dad when he would go out of town because I was eager to have my mom’s corn chowder. Sorry daddy!
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Print on a 3 x 5 index card setting and store with the rest of your recipes.
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chic cat ears for halloween



I have never been much of an enthusiast for the halloween holiday. Though in the peak of my uni days, I was one to attend parties all weekend in a different and new costume. Each of theme homemade as halloween costumes on a college campus were always picked over. I also was the type who wasn’t very keen to wear something that was over the top. And so, simple do-it-yourself crafting would ensue on Thursday nights as we prepare for the weekend. One that I replicated quite often was the very sexy cat




{you will need}

metal headband
21 gauge wire
super glue
wire cutter
gold spray paint




{step one}

Cut two pieces of wire about 7 inches in length. (Longer or shorter depending on how big/small you want the ears.) Bend the wire in half to form a triangular shape.




{step two}

Position the ears where you want them on the headband. Make a mark wherever the wire hits the headband.




{step three}

Position one end of the wire on either side of the headband and bend it over. Use pliers to tighten the bend. Position the other end of the wire on the opposite side of the headband. (This will help the wire ear from falling over to one side.) Bend the wire and tighten. Repeat for the second ear.




{step four}

If your wire doesn’t match your headband, spray paint the entire thing. Let it dry.




{step five}

Position the rhinestones around ear to get a general idea of how to space them. Glue the rhinestones to the wire. Let the rhinestones dry completely before wearing.




It’s as easy as that! Now just put on a cat-eye and perhaps a little red lip with an all black ensemble, you’ve got the perfectly chic halloween cat costume.

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{tutorial originally from Why Don’t You Make Me}

prima ballerina costume


I will admit that I’m not too keen for halloween. I like the idea of emancipating from myself and embracing the personality and characteristics of something you always wanted to do or be. For me, I always wanted to properly pursue my dancing career and become a prima ballerina.

The easiest costume to put together for any c&é girl. One that is simple and chic and absolutely glamorous. And so a bit of inspiration and an opportunity to shop the inter-webs for the perfect pieces to perfect your prima ballerina look too!


Though the juxtaposition of pink tulle and a simple swipe of mascara and lightest shade of pink against a black leotard and a dramatic make-up ensemble is one that I can never choose between.

{for a dark ballerina look}



{and the perfectly pink ballerina look}

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{images via Wish Wish Wish, Kris Atomic, Snippet and Ink, Yumi, Oscar de la Renta SS 2014, Lonny, Modern Hepburn, Style Me Pretty}

a halloween fête



Halloween is no doubt full of gremlins and goblins, ghost stories, and all the indulgences that you could never fathom consuming any other day of year. But amidst the dark and vampy style, there is something sort of charming about this little halloween gathering. Since most of everything I own is of the white and pastel variety, it may be simpler to pull this one off. With delectable treats, pumpkin vases full of ice and champagne, cinnamon-sugar rimmed coupes, it may be the perfect gathering for a few…

Be sure to visit throughout the week as I will be sharing last-minute DIY projects and how-to’s for the simplest and chicest halloween costumes…


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{images via Style Me Pretty}