six places to visit in jordan

Amman Jordan

sprinkled with hidden gems

I guess sharing travel stories of the Middle East isn’t as glamorous as visiting Paris or various
boroughs of London. My experience through the Middle East was one that was spectacular, warm
and invigorating. Forcing me to seek new adventures and learn so much about a region that we
view so differently. And though I’m quite selective about sharing the places I’ve visited,
I thought Jordan was one that was worth noting.

A country that I coin as the ‘Luxembourg of the Middle East” because of its diversity in
people and dialects and history, it is certainly one that holds a special place in my heart as
it was my first true taste of the region. So here are 6 of my favorite places to visit in the country…

Amman JordanAmman Jordan4


The capitol of the country and as far as cities in the Middle East goes, it’s quite a young one.
Full of recent generation, well-educated adolescents that have so much to offer to the country and
region. I spent three-months based there and in just a small space there were Roman theaters,
the citadel, Turkish baths and lots of cafes that I think Hemingway would have enjoyed.

dead sea jordan23dead sea jordan

dead sea

The Dead Sea is the perfect day trip from Amman. A unique ecological site that sits some 400m
below sea level. The high salinity levels forces you to remain buoyant, but the greatest impact
are the minerals and mud deposits around the coast that acts as a natural body mask. I visited
twice both with day passes to a resort pool and restaurant that connected us to the sea.

Ajloun JordanAjloun JordanAjloun JordanAjloun JordanAjloun Jordan


Truly a gem when it comes to the country as it’s a place that not many people know about.
Aglow boasts its ancient remains of the 12th century castle and marketplace and 600-year old mosque.
I’ve never been to a castle in my life that enables you to explore each crevice and corner.
It’s a great place to visit if you are also thinking of visiting Jerash.

wadi rum jordanwadi rum jordanwadi rum jordanwadi rum jordanwadi rum jordan

wadi rum

A true Middle East experience always has to be accompanied by a desert getaway. I spent a night
with the bedouins in Wadi Rum exploring the geological wonders of the orange sands, some
incredible bedouin food, and a night under the stars where no man’s light hits with live music
and traditional dancing. It was quite an adventure forcing me to go back to basics and embrace
the natural beauty of life.

43petra jordanpetra jordan


A wonder of the world and the place that everyone thinks of when Jordan comes to mind. Petra,
as you would assume, it absolutely breathtaking. In between enormous cliffs and rock formations
lies a fully sandstone city from the 3rd century BCE, that accommodated some of the trade routes
from Damascus to Arabia. I can’t even explain to you how intricately and well-thought out this
entire city was. A true experience to walk the city of the former people.

aqaba jordanaqaba jordanaqaba jordanaqaba jordan


Easily my favorite getaway from Amman after the language exams. A city that allows you
to take a beach holiday. We splurged a bit and ended up stay in a beautiful resort chalet
that overlooked the Red Sea. Aqaba sits at the pinpoint of the Red Sea and has access to some
of the world’s best snorkeling. With lots of underwater exploration, we decided to explore and
then enjoy a proper seafood meal on a yacht.

quiche lorraine

{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs

missing home

One of the hardest things about being so far from home are the traditions that you have to
either leave back home or take with you, but enjoy them on your own. Every Sunday, my
brother and I waking up the earliest, we spend the morning catching up. My mom tends to any
errands that need preparing for and my father prepares brunch. And with cricket on in the background
on the television and me on my laptop and my brother sprawled out on the couch. It almost became
an accidental tradition. To this day, my parents still go on with Sunday the very same way
as if my brother and I never left.

I miss those gentle mornings with a coffee in hand that turns cold because the morning is just
too leisurely. And since moving here I was too focused on gaining my independence and
figuring and toughing out on every aspect of life.

{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs
{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs {quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs

new sunday traditions

One thing I love about London are the markets that are so close in proximity, especially this
new flat of mine
. I’ve adapted my Sunday mornings, which is a bit of a tough one since I’m not
the greatest with change.

They start with changing into jogging leggings or shots and a baseball cap with a walk down to
the market. The market fresh coffee beans are the best by far so I pick up an americano and then
peruse the market for fresh fruits and anything that seems appealing. Luckily for me, my
flatmate is just as into food as I am. So we started cooking together. And this quiche, her absolute
favorite, was the product of a new tradition in this city I call home.

{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs
{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs {quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs
{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs
{quiche lorraine} via chevrons & éclairs

* * *

quiche lorraine recipeYou can right click on the recipe card to save directly to your computer.
Print on a 3 x 5 index card setting and store with the rest of your recipes.
For more recipe, visit the recipe index here!

that 70s vibe

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seeking trends


* * *

As you know from the sartorial archives of c&é that trends are not my forte. Sometimes it’s
because of cost, but other times it’s because I don’t see myself often wearing those pieces.
I don’t know, however, what came over me for this outfit. See, I’ve head this DVF dress in my
closet for quite sometime and styling it was a bit tricky. With its puffy sleeves,
corset and pleated waist, and covered buttons made this the quintessential trend piece to invest
in. Luckily with the 70s style making its way this season and next, I dug this beauty out
from the black hole of my wardrobe.

And this 70s trend? I’m not hating it…
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs

fashion shy

Everywhere I lived in my life from Florida to Ohio to DC, style was a uniform. The girls wore
uggs and north face jackets at university, DC was adorned with a blazer atop typical east
coast sorority girl trends, and Florida with its pukka shell necklaces and Old navy colorful
flip-flops {I owned a wholesale load, like I won a sweepstakes}. So now walking through the streets
of London, where people are incredibly diverse, the sartorial uniform differs from person-
to-person. And so it seemed fitting to try new things and embrace the style with a bit of trend.

what I wore

dress DVF, SIMILAR boots TED BAKER belt H&M purse SIMILAR hat ASOS


{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs {that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs
{that 70s vibe} via chevrons & éclairs

madrid, spain + food experiences


No one goes to bed in madrid until they have killed the night.
-Ernest Hemingway

* * *

It seems like not too long ago I decided to leave my humble abode in Washington, DC
and take a few months off to meander the streets of Spain. My first destination was
Madrid and what a beautiful city it is! I explored every avenue and boulevard, made
friends, found favorite haunts and literally ate through the week I spent in the city!

The city has a wealth of history and thus tons to do and you could easily find travel
guides and tourist tips sprinkled all throughout the internet. I thought I would highlight
my top 5 food experiences!


casa botín

Calle Cuchilleros, 17, 28005 •

Considered the oldest restaurant in the world as it was established in 1725, Casa Botín
boasts its ambiance and tends to be the quintessential Spanish restaurant with the likes
of roasted suckling pig and jugs of sangria on their menu. I visited with my friends the
very first night I arrived and its multiple stories of tiled-floors and the cave-like
archways, it was such a delight to visit.

mesón del champiñon

C/ Cava de San Miguel, 17, 28005 •

I know mushrooms are more of an acquired taste, but the friend I was visiting with
ended up falling in love with these mushrooms. They’re quite difficult to properly cook
without getting mushy and these mushrooms filled with chorizo, garlic and herbs are just
to die for. I was a bit nervous about the place quite frankly as the interiors were
pretty ugly, but the food they serve up was the best!

4 5 6 7


chocolatería san ginés

Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, 28013 •

Of course you can’t leave Madrid without having churros! They’re not the American adaptation
with cinnamon-sugar sprinkled all over, but they’re served with chocolate. Straight melted
chocolate. Chocolatería San Ginés many claim is not the best, but for me the experience
was wonderful. We made our order inside where everything was so beautifully
tiled and then we sat outside enjoying the little corner and the company of others walking
by. To me, the churros were to die for as they came out piping hot!

mercado de san miguel

Plaza de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 •

I actually went back to this market often. It was only minutes away from the metro station
and quite accessible for me in other ways too! I would just withdraw about 15-euros and meander
through the aisles eating manchego-stuffed olives and sipping on various wines whilst
holding some form of toasted bread. It’s heaven for any foodie with an Instagram addiction.

la mallorquina

Calle Mayor, 2, 28013 •

And yes, you can’t have a food list without some pastries! It was a long morning trying
to navigate the metro and finding out that one of the lines wasn’t working. Frustration
was an understatement, but I ended up just getting out of the station and deciding to walk
and found myself at a corner cafe with a cold drink and my map. The menu seemed quite
delicious and as I looked around the pastries people were indulging on were incredible!
I ended up ordering a chocolate-banana cake. Perfection.


* * *

Any recommendations you have for Madrid?

perfecting a skincare routine

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beauty is ageless

photo assistance by ALINA CLARK consulted with GERDA MILLER

* * *

Something I struggled with in recent years was understanding the importance of
skincare. After a series of derma logical problems last year, I finally realized
that taking the time to care for your skin-face and all-is the best way to treat yourself.
I continuously change up my routine as I am introduced to new products or lines that
work better for my skin. This post isn’t a sponsored post by any means, but an
informative post for someone who is just now believing in the power of selflessness
and beauty. So, a 5-step regimen you can create to perfect your very own skincare routine…

{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs {how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs


For me sensitivity reigns. I am very sensitive to a lot of what I eat with pigmentation
showing in my pores. On top of that, extreme weather conditions also has a major toll.
I want something that is extra delicate for my skin when it comes to cleaning, but
also slightly hydrating as over-dry skin tends to make your face uneven, which is horrible
for when you apply make-up. As mentioned before, I do prefer the Avène line, it is
extra soft my skin and tends to naturally leave my skin toned.


Living in London, frolicking from bus-to-tube-to-busy streets, I’m exposed to a lot of
pollution and dirt.I find that I need to exfoliate multiple times a week to properly
clean my face. When I was living in Scotland, where air pollution was next to none, I
exfoliated once-a-week. I exfoliate my lips once-a-week with Fresh Sugar Lip Polish as I
don’t wear lipstick as often and exfoliate with Avène’s Gentle Purifying Scrub twice or
three times a week.

{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs


I think this is one of the most important aspects to cleaning your skin and often
neglected. I say this in almost every beauty post here on c&é, but I believe in the
healing of rosewater. It has gotten me through my worst skin problems and helps with
toning my skin today when I’m stressed or fatigued. It revitalizes and energizes your
skin. I simply use Cortas Rose Water as it is made of 100% rose petals and without extra
alcohol extracts. I live by this stuff by placing it in a spray bottle and then using a
cotton pad to just dab off the excess.

{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs


This was a very confusing aspect for me. I was struggling with terribly oily skin
just a little over a year ago and the dermatologist told me that no matter what my skin
type was, I still needed to hydrate it. Some need to more than others. I use Crabtree &
Evelyn Body Souffle
for my arms and legs as it is nourishing and not overwhelming.
Rituals Miracle Hand Balm right before bed. For my face, Avène Hydrance
Optimale Light with SPF
for the day and L’oreal Rebalancing
Extraordinary Oil
at night.

{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs {how to perfect a skincare routine} via chevrons & éclairs


And just like any human, your skin needs to be treated at times. I like to do different
DIY masks like my winter grapefruit mask and my toning face mask. For the weeks I don’t
have very much time to put together my own mask, I prefer to use Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down
Detox mask
. It’s surprisingly hydrating and not drying and leaves my skin feeling extremely
clean and rejuvenated.