volume five

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“if reason ruled the world would history even exist?”
–Ryszard Kapuscinski

creative director CHANTELLE PIDGLEY styling SUPAL DESAI
in collaboration with SCARLETT OF SOHO location HOME, LONDON

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On a brisk winter day, I was perusing Sloan Square with a friend of mine as we stumbled upon a bookstore. One of those bookstores that is covered from wall-to-wall, and if you don’t know this already, I’m quite the book enthusiast. And so as we ran our finger across the new spines, skimmed the titles and took in the smell of new books and untouched pages, we came across Kapuściński. She being Polish, shared her knowledge of Kapuściński, a Polish reporter, journalist, author, photographer and more. His coverage of key historical moments that has shaped the world today is absolutely enthralling…

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

shah of shahs

A narrative of the demise and fall of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran. Not an analysis, but an
emotional elucidation of the citizens’ thoughts and feelings during the revolution and description of
photographs captured during 1970s Iran. Additionally, there are notes deciphering Iran as a ‘behemoth of
riches’ and the juxtaposition of the Shah living like a wealthy European and his citizens living in a
constant state of fear constantly terrorized by the secret police.

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

the emperor

The deposition of Haile Selassie in 1974 ended the ancient rule of the Abyssinian monarchy, which is about
the time Kapuściński travelled to Ethiopia to interview surviving courtiers to tell their stories. Their
narrative depict the equally lavish and corrupt world they lived in, describing daily rituals they were
forced to practice for the ruler to maintain absolute power. Parties alongside powerful world leaders,
omens in the sky, courtiers going missing, it’s fascinating to actually see the fall of the empire unfold.

another day of life

Kapuściński’s employers when he was a journalist sent him to Angola to cover the civil war that had erupted
post-independence. He observed groups and individuals throughout the civil war and with whomever he spoke
to he defined the meaning of political abstractions.

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

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BOOKS shah of shahs, the emperor, another day of life

coordinating ties & pocket squares



concept director SUPAL DESAI model DAX McCLANNAHAN
photography & art direction THE HONS location ORLANDO, FLORIDA

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sartorial personality

Since moving to the UK, I’ve noticed an array of styles and trends that are quite foreign to me.
Though London itself is a bit edgy, the tourists that come from all over the world adorn the concrete
catwalk with their styles. One thing I’ve noticed after attending an event recently is the ties &
pocket squares game on the guys. And so a few tips on coordinating…




As opposed to “matching”, be sure to “coordinate” your pocket square and tie.
You don’t want to draw the viewer’s eye horizontally across your chest and steer
the attention away from your face. Avoid purchasing tie/pocket square sets as
they usually lack sophistication.

color & pattern

Look at color and pattern. If you’re wearing a red and blue striped tie,
coordinate with blue and white striped pocket square. The pattern should be
similar and the blues marry the two pieces together.

complimenting with pattern

If you have a solid colored tie or pocket square, then where a complimentary
color for the other piece, but add a bit of pattern. If you have a solid blue
tie, go with a red with blue floral pocket square.

special evenings

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a night for heels & a bold lip

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{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs
{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs
{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs


little black dress & simple gold jewels

Since moving to London, I’ve found that my social life has had its ups and downs.
Some weeks are packed with meetings, leaving me stretched much too thin to continue
onwards into the weekend. And then some weeks, like this week, are a bit easier
making evening plans a special treat. Though the simpler weeks are hard to come by,
and so when a special evening dancing with my girlfriends or a dinner with a
special someone is organized, I get really excited…

A bit carried away actually as I take this opportunity to dress to impress and try to
make the most of the night. It’s like being transported back to college, where you
spend hours upon hours devising and re-vising your weekend plans. Of course, my outfit
choices were drastically different than what we have now where my little black dress
and simple gold jewels used to be skinny jeans and leopard print blouses.
I simply miss those days.

{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs
{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs
{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs
{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs


rooftop cocktails, summer soirees, nights under candlelight

And now that it is finally becoming bearable, weather-wise, I’ve decided to give
myself a little break from the 24/7 type of schedule. And so, raising a glass to
rooftop cocktails, summer soirees, nights under candlelight. Adorned with the
simplest of jewels, like my necklaces by Christine Elizabeth,
that catch the sparkle of a handsome stranger…

{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs
{special evenings} via chevrons & éclairs

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modernizing a period home


reviving a space to make it yours

Since moving into my new home a few months back, an period home of the Georgian era, I came to realize that making a period home “your own” is quite difficult. Little gaps in the windows inviting brisk air, large blank walls, and irregularities in size and shape or rooms. A friend who always lived in a period home, told me these few tricks would help make a period home yours and comfortable…

simple details

Sometimes modernizing the little things we don’t think of makes a significant difference. Adding a different colored light switch or placing a more industrial style lamp in the corner or even hanging up some artwork.




Most period homes comprise of woods and small tiles, focus on adding other materials in the mix. I’ve added cottons to soften and warm up the space, a bit of metal in my lamp to liven up, and a rug helps with bringing a room together.

natural light

Period homes are notorious for being dark. This obviously asks for a bit of investment, but getting windows installed or a door with windows would help bring light in. And I don’t think I need to explain why natural light is so wonderful to have.


When I first moved into my flat it was white and brown. It’s particularly why I added blacks and metals to the mix and made it a bit more girly, trying hard to avoid the industrial look, by adding lilac.



courgette salad with ginger white balsamic vinaigrette

{zucchini salad with ginger white balsamic vinaigrette} via chevrons & éclairs

mint, ginger and wholesome

It was one of those days where I pulled the saucepan onto the stovetop under the impression that I would make some sort of courgette pasta. Though pasta seemed a bit too dense to eat after a brilliant dinner the night before. And so I reversed my process, the process of coming up with a recipe and finding ways to blend ingredients seamlessly… Instead I start chopping. The courgettes from the market were exceptional and there was that expected crunch I always enjoy. And so I decided to ensure that crunch. And now I was chopping matchsticks and it was as if my hands were fluidly moving without any indication what would and wouldn’t work.

I longed for something slightly Mediterranean, but torn between Asian and Italian too. And so it seemed only natural for me to blend the coolness from the Mediterranean, heat from the Asian and comfort of the Italian. Mint, ginger and wholesome.

courgette{zucchini salad with ginger white balsamic vinaigrette} via chevrons & éclairs
{zucchini salad with ginger white balsamic vinaigrette} via chevrons & éclairs

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