recipe : pestos

Pestos are perfect for canapés, pastas, seafood, oh I can go on forever. My mom always has me make a huge container full so she can freeze it. Pestos are just concentrations of everything delicious and I would like to share two recipes that I always have available in my refrigerator, basil pesto and the sundried-tomato pesto.

2 recipes? I know, you’re in for a treat.

recipe : summer turkey burger

This is my favorite ever summer BBQ meal. We host and attend a ton of BBQs throughout the summer and I’m always told to make these. They’re light, cheesy and actually filled with vegetables making them naturally moist.

recipe : marinara sauce

Simple and delicious. Filled with antioxidants, you can use this sauce on pizza, pasta, as a garlic bread dip, or whatever your heart desires. Hope you enjoy this basic staple! Note: I use this recipe often, so you will see me link back to it.

design : a list of wants

After doing some visual research of the current trends in food photography, I noticed one thing: colors & patterns. I’m currently shopping for some props for my food photos that will soon be coming under the recipe section. Like what you see? If you find yourself browsing, link me in the comments, twitter, or facebook!

recipe : apple pancakes



I reminisce about college brunch days. I used to grease my intestines up after a night out with the girls. I would wake up roommate on Sunday mornings asking her if she wanted to get brunch at a place not too far off campus. Of course, there was not much convincing. I would always get the strawberry cream cheese french toast with an endless mug of black coffee. This weekend I really wanted to go back. I went looking for strawberry cream cheese recipes [yes, from scratch] but totally got side tracked when I ran into an apple pancakes recipe. My jaw dropped, literally.

These little delectables are delicious and light. I will advise you to use honey instead of maple syrup. I am obsessed with honey & apple.

13974116197_9f58a10cac_oClick on the recipe to enlarge.