recipe : green beans & toasted almonds

As you can tell, I love hosting and entertaining. It’s always difficult, however, when you have to whip something up in the last minute, right? This is my go-to side dish, but often I add a dash of nutmeg.

recipe : tabbouleh

Every single time I made tabbouleh, I am taken back to the hot summer on the shores of the Red Sea.

recipe : indian kabobs

My aunt makes some of the best kabobs one has ever thrown together the last minute. I particularly enjoy the fact that they are baked and there are no breadcrumbs. What holds it all together? Egg whites. Smart, healthy, spicy.

recipe : mediterranean stuffed peppers

Made these last night because I wanted to hold onto summer just a bit longer

recipe : southwest quesadilla

The easiest, healthiest and fastest choice I had for delicious dinners when I first started living on my own was quesadillas. Over the years, I developed my quesadilla formula and I think I’ve finally perfected it! A hint of ranch, corn and spice will make this quesadilla something you crave.