recipe : mushroom manicotti

You know when you get back from work on Friday you have a little extra energy because it’s the weekend? Put that energy towards cooking something fantastic and honestly, not too hard. If you want to be extra ambitious, here is my marinara sauce recipe for this incredible manicotti.

recipe : banana nut bread

Everyone needs some comfort & indulgence. What better way than banana nut bread?
This recipe was adapted from Great Coffee Cakes, Sticky Buns, Muffins & More by Carole Walter

recipe : rose macaron

I will admit just one thing to you. I was totally making these in my pajamas while jamming out to Foster the People. Oh glory. 
This recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart.

recipe : green beans & toasted almonds

As you can tell, I love hosting and entertaining. It’s always difficult, however, when you have to whip something up in the last minute, right? This is my go-to side dish, but often I add a dash of nutmeg.

recipe : tabbouleh

Every single time I made tabbouleh, I am taken back to the hot summer on the shores of the Red Sea.