recipe : primavera means spring

Primavera in Italian means spring, and spring is most notably known for blooms of flowers and vegetables, sunlight and the start of warmth. This is one dish that brings my family together. There are so many elements of flavors from the eggplants, herbs, roasted pepper and pasta. It’s hearty and vegetarian! 

recipe : not fried rice

Low sodium, no MSG, and NOT FRIED! This is my rendition of fried rice for the healthy heart-sounds like one of those Chicken Soup books, doesn’t it? 

recipe : roasted red pepper hummus

I always, never wake up in time to eat breakfast, make coffee, and/or pack a lunch. What do I do? Mooch off of someone else’s breakfast, have someone grab me a coffee and grab a small container of hummus that I made for these occasions. Creamy, hearty and a hint of spice from the Middle East!

bit of life : relaxation needed

My life has been in full force the past few weeks. Hope you, my loves, don’t mind me taking a bit of time off. What plans do you have? Are you cooking anything special? Enjoying the luxuries of a spa?
I promise I have so much for you to feast on next week, including party favors, chocolate and wine. Have a fabulous, long weekend!

recipe : sun-dried tomatoes

I can’t get enough of tomatoes. I love them so much, that I often buy too many and then get overwhelmed as they start to get wrinkly and mushy. The worst is when you have one rotting tomato, it rots everything else around it! This is exactly why I like to make sun-dried tomatoes. I chop them up really fine and add them to salads, pastas or pizza. Most of the time I use them for my pesto! I’m sure you’ll figure out, sooner or later, how to work these strips of antioxidants into your meals.