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autumn • Life

Why I Took a Break

I went home for 3 weeks. I had planned on not saying anything on social media, but intermittently...



Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It

It wasn’t until my mid-20s did I realize how special and sensitive skin can actually be. It is...


autumn • England

Apple Picking in Kent

When I got on my flight from Orlando to London, maybe it was the fact that I had...



Autumn Shoe Guide with Naturalizer

I have officially switched out my summer closet for my autumn/winter closet and as much as I thought...

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autumn • Life

Why I Took a Break

I went home for 3 weeks. I had planned on not saying anything on social media, but intermittently...


autumn • Office

How to Wear a Grey Blazer

When I first moved abroad and came back home, I struggled to fit all my clothes into 4...


autumn • Office

How to Assess Your Goals

Can I chime in with everyone else and just moan about the fact that summer is over and...


autumn • 5 essentials

Life Skills Every Adult Should Master

This may come off as the most passive aggressive blog post to date, but honestly I have been...

Travel Posts


United States

Palm Beach Travel Guide

I’ve now been back for 3 days and after a full first few days back in London, I’m...



Zaanse Schans: Discover Dutch Windmills

It feels like ages ago that I was in Amsterdam with Kristabel and though it feels like long...


Netherlands • 5 essentials

Unique Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a special city for me. It’s the first city that I attempted to blog about and...



Off the Beaten Track London Restaurants

Unsurprisingly I’ve had so many friends, family and followers reaching out about where to eat in London. I’ve...

Recipe Posts


Entrees • Soups & Stews

Brazilian Fish Stew

Summer in the UK feels long, yet really short. Days are long as the sunsets late into the...



Maltese Whole Roast Chicken with White Wine Sauce

I’ve been back from Malta for 2 weeks now and I’m still talking about it. When I initially...


Salads & Dressings • Sides

Asian Broad Bean & Broccoli Salad

Sitting here on Tuesday morning with a cup of coffee in hand that is probably not going to...


Baked Goods • Desserts

Blackberry & Apple Galette

It hasn’t felt much like spring in London. I mean it has. There’s lots of rain and gloom...

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Switzerland • Films

Hotels I Love: Bürgenstock Resort Review

Organizing for a trip is quite hectic. I usually spend weeks doing research, finding great cafes, pretty corners...

summer • England • Films

Day Trip to Whitstable

After my travel hangover at the end of last year, I made a vow to myself to explore...

summer • Malta • Films

Weekend in Valletta

Let me just preface this post with… there was so much food involved on this trip that I...

spring • Turkey • Films

Reflections from Istanbul

I was very excited about visiting Istanbul. I had spent 8 years of my life stying Middle East...