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recipe : stewed chicken with biscuits

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On Sunday I took complete advantage of one of my new year's resolution words: relax. Actually, relax is an understatement. I took it to the next level. I woke up, got out of bed [surprisingly], put on a huge sweatshirt, grabbed Nunu [my blanket], and sat on the couch and watched Food Network all day. I was in my comfortable spot on the sofa, comfortable in my sweatshirt, and Nunz was comfortably wrapped around me. I was craving comfort food, which is carbs and protein. [The greens are on the plate just to add color and take up room on the plate to be honest.]

Conveniently, my parents were headed to the grocery store and so I asked them to pick up a few things for me. I wanted chicken and biscuits or chicken and dumplings [don't ask]. I could have gone to the local Cracker Barrel, but I was too lazy to get ready relaxing, remember? I can't forget about my resolution words!

The chicken was perfectly stewed in a savory Italian and Maine inspired gravy. The biscuits, with buttermilk baked atop the chicken, melted in my mouth. It was comfort food, at its finest. I, however, got a war wound. Burned myself with the pan's handle. It was worth it.

* * * 
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