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recipe : baked chiles relleño

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The other day I was home alone and therefore had to figure out a one-person dinner. They're harder to come up with than I thought they would be. I ended up making cheese quesadillas with diced tomatoes and hot sauce. I was too lazy to take out the salsa from the back of the refrigerator so I resorted for the hot sauce on one of the door's shelves. Bad idea. I can withstand very spicy food, but remember when if the salsa comes in a very tiny bottle... it's going to be hot. Like hot. The worst part was, I laid it on good. Then, considering the fact that I was too lazy to grab the salsa from the back of the refrigerator, I was too lazy to get up from the couch to make myself something else and even grab something to drink. 

I'm notorious for making terrible dishes when I am cooking for one, myself. The very next day, I made chiles relleño. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive when I'm grad school...

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