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gilded new year's eve balloons

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DIY Gold Dipped Balloons Supplies  

{pop. fizz. clink.}

There is nothing more exciting than celebrating the commencement of the new year with closest friends and family. Either you're on a night out or hosting a few couples at home, the night is never complete without champagne, confetti, and balloons. And so a gilded balloon DIY, for a little touch of homemade for those of you hosting some of your closest friend and/or family...   DIY Gold Dipped Balloons Step 1 DIY Gold Dipped Balloons  

{you will need}

balloons, color of your choice helium party ribbon gold craft paint paint brush or sponge   DIY Gold Dipped Balloons Step 2  

{the steps}

Blow up your balloons with helium. Tie a knot then tie a party string at the end. Hold the balloon so the tip is facing out and gently paint the balloon. If you paint the other end, be sure that the balloon doesn't touch your ceiling before it dries.   DIY Hanging Black Balloons