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Simplifying Your Wardrobe

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Though I’m no expert in building a capsule wardrobe, but I have been on the journey since I’ve moved to London. Since moving to London, I’ve started following more European bloggers and getting to know more personal stylists/personal shoppers. One thing bloggers do here, compared to the United States, is stay true to their style and invest in timeless pieces. Looks are not drastically different from the day-to-day, yet they look incredible and “expensive.” And since space is limited in this city, I learned quickly to hone down my closet. Here are a few things I try to incorporate to simplify my wardrobe.

Simplifying Your Wardrobe
Simplifying Your Wardrobe

color palette

My wardrobe drastically changed as I continued to shop and live in London. I predominately wear blacks and grays and I started deviating from brighter hues. Try to incorporate a few colors base colors and one statement color that complement each other. For me, I stick to gray, black, beige, white and red. Choose make-up and nail polishes that compliment your color palette.

quality over quantity

As mentioned before, Europeans love their designers (I almost feel as if I’m talking to a group of Americans, oops!). Since observing trends, you will learn that high quality pieces don’t end up going out of style. So instead of collecting every black handbag, I now will save and buy to the best of my capacity. You don’t need a Chanel boy bag when your budget can easily accommodate a Ted Baker. The same concept goes for make-up! You don’t need every red lipstick the market has to offer, am I right?

Simplifying Your Wardrobe

monthly purge

This is completely based on the size of your wardrobe and how much you shop. I don’t shop too much, but I do receive product from blog collaborations. Because of the inflow of clothes and accessories, I try to clean out my closet once-a-month by donating what I know I won’t wear anymore.


Dressing in layers makes an outfit more dynamic and complete. I keep some standard “warm” weather pieces (i.e. shorts) and “cool” weather pieces (i.e. knits). From there everything can be layered. Collect transitional pieces that can be carried onto other seasons and not exclusively one. I keep a “spring & summer” pin board and “autumn & winter” pin board to collect inspiration.

signature look

Are you more of a dress/skirt person? Solely trousers and jeans? Tailored or longer proportions? Establish a signature look and work on collecting pieces that fit that style, you are guaranteed to always have something wear then! I’m more of a skirt and simple knit or shirt and flats type of girl.

Simplifying Your Wardrobe
Simplifying Your Wardrobe
Simplifying Your Wardrobe

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