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lookbooks, scenes and video editorials captured from moments in fashion and travel

Gauwali Cover Image


I talked about identity last year a bit. Just touching on the surface level, and have alluded to...

Posted in StyleIndianFilms

Pamper Weekend at Shangri-La Eros Hotel Cover Image

Pamper Weekend at Shangri-La Eros Hotel

After a whirlwind week at India Fashion Week, I was craving a bit of a detox. Jumping right...

Posted in TravelIndiaFilms

Beach Life in Bohol Cover Image

Beach Life in Bohol

After a dizyying day touring the capital of Philippines we hopped on a flight and scooted to the...

Posted in TravelPhilippinesFilms

Texture Restaurant Cover Image

Texture Restaurant

I don’t frequent to Marble Arch as often. I’m there just around the corner most of the time,...

Posted in TravelEnglandLondonFilms

Weekend in Madeira Cover Image

Weekend in Madeira

When I was growing up, I didn’t really understand that there were people in the world who may...

Posted in TravelPortugalFilms

A Fairytale with Heritage Hotel & Le Mystique Cover Image

A Fairytale with Heritage Hotel & Le Mystique

When we got off the train at Brussels it almost felt like we walk a little back in...

Posted in TravelBelgiumFilms

With Everything Happening Cover Image

With Everything Happening

Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, from Trump’s tweets to catalysts of a potential world war. Internal governmental strife...

Posted in StyleAutumnFilms

Kabab Koobideh with Mint Yoghurt & #FeastByThree Cover Image

Kabab Koobideh with Mint Yoghurt & #FeastByThree

If you’ve been a visitor of c&é for quite some time, you probably noticed that each of my...

Posted in RecipesAppetizersEntreesJams, Sauces & DipsFilms

Back in Andalusia Cover Image

Back in Andalusia

It was an early morning to the airport and the air was quite cold that I probably should...

Posted in StyleSummerTravelSpainFilms

The Real Life Cover Image

The Real Life

Reality is a funny concept when it comes to the blogging world. I found Snapchat a great tool...

Posted in StyleOfficeFilms

Wonderland Cover Image


It’s funny how certain pieces of clothing or accessories often gives you that push to be a bit...

Posted in StyleSummerAccessoriesFilms

On Friendship Cover Image

On Friendship

There have been many short chapters in my life lately and with drastic moves that define my upbringing,...

Posted in SpringSummerFilms