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lookbooks, scenes and video editorials captured from moments in fashion and travel

Beach Life in Bohol Cover Image

Beach Life in Bohol

After a dizyying day touring the capital of Philippines we hopped on a flight and scooted to the...

Posted in TravelPhilippinesFilms

Texture Restaurant Cover Image

Texture Restaurant

I don’t frequent to Marble Arch as often. I’m there just around the corner most of the time,...

Posted in StyleAutumnTravelEnglandLondonFilms

Weekend in Madeira Cover Image

Weekend in Madeira

When I was growing up, I didn’t really understand that there were people in the world who may...

Posted in TravelPortugalFilms

A Fairytale with Heritage Hotel & Le Mystique Cover Image

A Fairytale with Heritage Hotel & Le Mystique

When we got off the train at Brussels it almost felt like we walk a little back in...

Posted in TravelBelgiumFilms

With Everything Happening Cover Image

With Everything Happening

Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, from Trump’s tweets to catalysts of a potential world war. Internal governmental strife...

Posted in StyleAutumnFilms

Kabab Koobideh with Mint Yoghurt & #FeastByThree Cover Image

Kabab Koobideh with Mint Yoghurt & #FeastByThree

If you’ve been a visitor of c&é for quite some time, you probably noticed that each of my...

Posted in RecipesAppetizersEntreesJams, Sauces & DipsFilms

Back in Andalusia Cover Image

Back in Andalusia

It was an early morning to the airport and the air was quite cold that I probably should...

Posted in StyleSummerFilms

The Real Life Cover Image

The Real Life

Reality is a funny concept when it comes to the blogging world. I found Snapchat a great tool...

Posted in StyleSummerOfficeFilms

Wonderland Cover Image


It’s funny how certain pieces of clothing or accessories often gives you that push to be a bit...

Posted in StyleSummerAccessoriesFilms

Self Worth Cover Image

Self Worth

I live in a city, thriving in an industry and currently at the age where I continuously question...

Posted in StyleSpringFilms

Fine Dining in Otepää Cover Image

Fine Dining in Otepää

I wasn’t quite sure how to start the run down of my beautiful trip to Estonia, a country...

Posted in TravelEstoniaFilms

Doing It All Cover Image

Doing It All

Since my trip to Paris and my mum’s last few days in London, things have been moving at...

Posted in StyleSpringFilms