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lookbooks, scenes and video editorials captured from moments in fashion and travel

Staycation in Shoreditch Cover Image

Staycation in Shoreditch

When I first moved to London I became very accustomed to staying within zone 1 of the SW...

Posted in LondonFilms

Warmth Cover Image


With my final narrative from Marrakech, you thought I was going to talk about the warmth in Morocco....

Posted in SummerMoroccoFilms

Being Different Cover Image

Being Different

I’ve been taking advantage of my time being jet lagged. Waking up incredibly early before the streets are...

Posted in StyleIndianFilms

Jodhpur Guide with Rohet Garh Cover Image

Jodhpur Guide with Rohet Garh

The golden sun drenched the humble sized airport and in the distant I saw a structure, so grandeur...

Posted in TravelIndiaFilms

Secret Life Cover Image

Secret Life

I had high hopes for this blog post. One that included a floral piece juxtaposed with the more...

Posted in StyleSummerFilms