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Gauwali Cover Image


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Pearl Palace Heritage Guesthouse Cover Image

Pearl Palace Heritage Guesthouse

As you know already, Delhi was a whirlwind of excitement and drama all embedded within high fashion. I...

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Jaipur with Swiss line Cover Image

Jaipur with Swiss line

This was my second time I visited Jaipur and even at the second visit, the city took my...

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Pamper Weekend at Shangri-La Eros Hotel Cover Image

Pamper Weekend at Shangri-La Eros Hotel

After a whirlwind week at India Fashion Week, I was craving a bit of a detox. Jumping right...

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Amazon India Fashion Week with Zoya Nail Polish Cover Image

Amazon India Fashion Week with Zoya Nail Polish

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the India sartorial movement would excite me. When...

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Craftsmanship Cover Image


India is vast as you may have gathered from my stories, images and memories shared here. It is...

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Mumbai with Viator Cover Image

Mumbai with Viator

Most of the time I’m in India, I spend very little time in Mumbai even though my uncle...

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Being Different Cover Image

Being Different

I’ve been taking advantage of my time being jet lagged. Waking up incredibly early before the streets are...

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Jodhpur with Rohet Garh Cover Image

Jodhpur with Rohet Garh

The golden sun drenched the humble sized airport and in the distant I saw a structure, so grandeur...

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Rediscovering Gujarat Cover Image

Rediscovering Gujarat

Every few years or so my parents and I visit India. Sometimes it’s just me, other times just...

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