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Texture Restaurant Cover Image

Texture Restaurant

I don’t frequent to Marble Arch as often. I’m there just around the corner most of the time,...

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My Productivity Tips + 5 Summer Office Outfits Cover Image

My Productivity Tips + 5 Summer Office Outfits

It’s 7:54am and I have a full week ahead and several months of travel ahead. This week will...

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Kabab Koobideh with Mint Yoghurt & #FeastByThree Cover Image

Kabab Koobideh with Mint Yoghurt & #FeastByThree

If you’ve been a visitor of c&é for quite some time, you probably noticed that each of my...

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The Real Life Cover Image

The Real Life

Reality is a funny concept when it comes to the blogging world. I found Snapchat a great tool...

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Gujarati Style Aloo Matar Cover Image

Gujarati Style Aloo Matar

I think one of my biggest pet peeves and when people complain they’re too busy to do something...

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Wonderland Cover Image


It’s funny how certain pieces of clothing or accessories often gives you that push to be a bit...

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On Friendship Cover Image

On Friendship

There have been many short chapters in my life lately and with drastic moves that define my upbringing,...

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Favorite Chelsea Spots with Bloom & Wild Cover Image

Favorite Chelsea Spots with Bloom & Wild

London with its teenage mood swings-like weather patterns has made getting ready for the warmer seasons that much...

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A Staycation in Mayfair Cover Image

A Staycation in Mayfair

Since a lot of you enjoyed my East London staycation, I thought I would share another one! Not...

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A Productive Commute Cover Image

A Productive Commute

My friend, Natasha, recently made a major decision for her career. She decided to take on a job...

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Utterly Grateful Cover Image

Utterly Grateful

My mom is currently visiting me in London and it has been her very first visit since I...

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Tricks for Concentration Cover Image

Tricks for Concentration

I’ve had all sorts of jobs and schedules just over the last 5 to 7 years. I was...

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