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Fashion editorials and South Asian style inspiration.

What to Wear to an Indian Wedding Cover Image

What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Ask any Indian uncle or auntie and you will hear them moan about attending an Indian event. I’ve...

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Gauwali Cover Image


I talked about identity last year a bit. Just touching on the surface level, and have alluded to...

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Craftsmanship Cover Image


India is vast as you may have gathered from my stories, images and memories shared here. It is...

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Being Different Cover Image

Being Different

I’ve been taking advantage of my time being jet lagged. Waking up incredibly early before the streets are...

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Rediscovering Gujarat Cover Image

Rediscovering Gujarat

Every few years or so my parents and I visit India. Sometimes it’s just me, other times just...

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The Tradition of Heirlooms with Anthropologie Cover Image

The Tradition of Heirlooms with Anthropologie

It wasn’t until I was at St. Andrews did I realize how lucky I was to grow up...

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