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Fashion inspiration, tools and style advice to dress smart, stylishly and effortlessly in Summer.

How to make a Successful To Do List Cover Image

How to make a Successful To Do List

Are you one of those people who completes a task that is not on the to do list,...

Posted in SummerOffice

Hotels I Love: La Falconeria Hotel Review Cover Image

Hotels I Love: La Falconeria Hotel Review

Going to Malta was very refreshing. I was craving a little sound of the ocean and something not...

Posted in SummerMalta

Weekend in Valletta Cover Image

Weekend in Valletta

Let me just preface this post with… there was so much food involved on this trip that I...

Posted in SummerMaltaFilms

My Daily Habits Cover Image

My Daily Habits

My birthday is on Thursday and I’ll be heading out of country for a bit of a birthday...

Posted in SummerLifestyleOffice

My Expat Experience, One Cover Image

My Expat Experience, One

I moved to another country in my mid-20s with two suitcases: one with textbooks, index cards and years...

Posted in SummerMy Expat Experience

Sabah's Natural Beauty Cover Image

Sabah's Natural Beauty

One of my best friends here in London is from Malaysia. She has this worldly view, a perspective...

Posted in SummerMalaysia

Weekend in Madeira Cover Image

Weekend in Madeira

When I was growing up, I didn’t really understand that there were people in the world who may...

Posted in SummerPortugal

My Productivity Tips + 5 Summer Office Outfits Cover Image

My Productivity Tips + 5 Summer Office Outfits

It’s 7:54am and I have a full week ahead and several months of travel ahead. This week will...

Posted in SummerLondonOffice

Back in Andalusia Cover Image

Back in Andalusia

It was an early morning to the airport and the air was quite cold that I probably should...

Posted in SummerSpain

The Real Life Cover Image

The Real Life

Reality is a funny concept when it comes to the blogging world. I found Snapchat a great tool...

Posted in SummerLondonOffice

Blueprinting Ambition Cover Image

Blueprinting Ambition

With the summer season falling into a transitional season to greet the autumn months ahead, I can’t help...

Posted in SummerParis

Wonderland Cover Image


It’s funny how certain pieces of clothing or accessories often gives you that push to be a bit...

Posted in SummerLondonParis