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Fashion inspiration, tools and style advice to dress smart, stylishly and effortlessly in Winter.

The 2017 MVPs & A Reflection Cover Image

The 2017 MVPs & A Reflection

In early December, after my trip to Vienna, I decided to take a bit of a break. Slightly...

Posted in WinterLifestyle

Vienna's Christmas Markets Cover Image

Vienna's Christmas Markets

As we descended towards Vienna, I was only able to see industrious views. It was cold and seemed...

Posted in WinterAustria

Getaway to Haapsalu Cover Image

Getaway to Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a seaside resort town located on the west coast of Estonia. It’s so small that you...

Posted in WinterEstonia

Transitional Wardrobe Staples Cover Image

Transitional Wardrobe Staples

It’s true when they say that you can see all four seasons in one day on any typical...

Posted in SpringWinterLondon

A Guide to Berlin Cover Image

A Guide to Berlin

Berlin was an interesting city. I will admit that I wasn’t the most excited to be visiting because...

Posted in WinterGermany

Weekend in Venice Cover Image

Weekend in Venice

The Christmas and new year holiday seemed more stressful than more of an ease. Truth is that I...

Posted in WinterItalyFilms

Not Quite Ready Cover Image

Not Quite Ready

I stepped into 2017 with all these exciting goals and plans for my business and this blog and...

Posted in WinterItaly

The Lake District Cover Image

The Lake District

The week before leading up to my MA graduation, my family and I decided to brave our warm,...

Posted in WinterBreakfast & BrunchEntreesEngland

Rediscovering Gujarat Cover Image

Rediscovering Gujarat

Every few years or so my parents and I visit India. Sometimes it’s just me, other times just...

Posted in WinterIndiaFilms

a love note Cover Image

a love note

Posted in WinterLondon

one night away to Bath Cover Image

one night away to Bath

Posted in WinterEngland

London Girl Cover Image

London Girl

Posted in Winter